Seed Sorter iXeed Family

The Seed Sorter Concept

The best sorting of seed was always done by man. No seed cleaning or calibrating technique could outperform the visual interpretation of trained operators.
The iXeed Seed sorters of the SeQso family have made a change to that. It was developed to implement specialists visual interpretation onto a machine that performs on a production scale.
It can work for you 24/7, also without supervision.

What will it see?

The iXeed Seed Sorter analysis a large variety of parameters in one glance:
- Chlorophyll
- Color
- Contamination
- Curved
- Deformations
- Dented
- Internal organs
- Marker detection
- Mechanical damages
- Morphology
- Purity and Quality
- Symmetry
- Twisted
- Width

Video's iXeed Seed Sorters

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iXeed Chlorophyll Seed Sorter
iXeed Chlorophyll Analyzer (Mobile)
iXeed Liquid Density Seed Sorter

Easy to operate and control the Seed Sorters

Starting with new batches or varieties of seed is easy.
Either use an already defined set of parameters or you can produce specific sorting characteristics by just clicking in the image. This will take only ten minutes.

Download the iXeed-family brochure.